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Boy Scout Jamboree 2017

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Boy Scout Jamboree 2017
Fellow Volunteers,
Thank you for giving up your Thursday to serve the Boy Scouts 2017 Jamboree.  
Bob Brunner
Andy Ceperley
Richard Michael
Corleen Patterson
Lyle Sattes
Sam Strickland
Rick Vorhees
Sue Woodward

To the Scouting Organization, we are glad you asked us.  We all had a great time. 
For me it was another wonderful experience; serving, and being served (by all the visitors we welcomed and getting to know my fellow Rotarians even better.). 
Paul Hutchison of the Beckley Rotary club says we'll be called back in 2019 for the World Jamboree, and from what I've heard, all of us are waiting for his call. 
Attached are two similar pictures shot from different camera phones. Use them as you will.
Again, Thank you for everything. And I'll see you all Monday at noon.
Andy Ceperley.