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2009 Local Giving

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2009 Local Giving

In 2009, the concept of a theme for our local giving was born! The year’s theme was: “Helping Those Who Help Themselves”. This theme lent itself to assisting local groups whose missions orient around helping struggling individuals and families make it to the “next level” in life. The Club wanted to applaud the efforts of these organizations while also assisting these individuals/families with their continued growth.

Projects included:
Charleston’s Daily Mail Neediest Cases  $1200.00 
Gazette Charities  $1200.00
Give a Kids a Smile $1500.00
Good News Mountaineer Garage $1500.00
Habitat for Humanity $1500.00
Kanawha Valley Fellowship Home $1500.00
Rea of Hope $1500.00
Polio Plus (General Fund matched $1,000) $2000.00
YWCA $2400.00
Total $14,625.00